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The human body is MEANT to MOVE – it thrives in motion. There is a reason why the human body is built the way it is. Every single body part, organ, tissue, cell has its own function and together they form an amazing organism that is designed to MOVE the way it is MEANT to.

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As a tutor of Anatomy and Physiology (teaching the subjects to students who are preparing/studying to become massage therapists and personal trainers) my mission is to educate my clients how the BODY is MEANT to MOVE safely and effectively to achieve fitness goals, increase sport performance, improve the quality of life and minimise the risks of injuries in every activity they undertake. I aim to do it through mindful and purposeful exercises as they deliver exceptional results.

Although we only see the BODY, the MIND is in charge. Everything starts in the head: what the mind can imagine, the body can create. All BODY motions are governed and directed by the centre of the communication network (the nervous system), and in charge of that is the MIND. The mind is the main reason for regularly repeating essential exercises and doing specific and meaningful moves with utmost attention to details so it recognises patterns and put them into practice when needed in real life situations or in a sport setting. I systematically focus on attaining optimum operation, developing optimal communication and “mutual trust” between the two (BODY and MIND) by addressing the needs of both: challenge and stimulation. Hence the tagline: “MIND YOUR BODY”.

MIND YOUR BODY could also be interpreted as “looking after the body”. If one does not punish it by going to extremes, doing crazy things and dangerous activities, gives it the right nutrients, vitamins, minerals and provides adequate recovery time (i.e. good night sleep) it will look after, protect, and allow the “occupier” (“the body is the only place you have to live in!”) to live quality life, enjoying it without pains and aches. So, if you mind your body, YOUR BODY WILL MIND YOU…

Trust me, I am NOT a doctor: MIND YOUR BODY