“Gaining Knowledge, is the First Step to Wisdom. Sharing it, is the First Step to Humanity…” – Unknown

INDIAN CLUBS workshop/seminar to be held on the 28th of September 2019 (Saturday) between 10:30 am and 4:00 pm at the Jim McDonald Centre in Hatfield (postcode: AL10 8HR). Clubs will be provided and also available to purchase however those in possession of clubs are welcome to bring them along. Price: £140.

The topics of the agenda:

  • Familiarising with the characteristics, design/shape and parts of the clubs
  • How to choose the correct, suitable weight
  • Understanding the concept and fundamentals of club wielding
  • Introducing the different grip types
  • Learning the basic exercises with one and two clubs
  • How to match movement with breathing and vice versa and the effects of it
  • Effective way of learning/teaching the movement patterns
  • Understanding the importance of precision and how to achieve it
  • Recognising common mistakes and how to avoid/correct them
  • Considering and working around limitations of an individual
  • Applying various stances “to do the same thing differently”
  • Progressing/regressing a sequence to suit individuals’ needs
  • How to select the appropriate exercise
  • Learning the basic anatomy of the main structures involved in club wielding
  • The benefits and salutary effects of wielding the clubs
  • Usage for different purposes in diverse settings

For further information and booking your place please contact me on 07758 868 636. Look forward to hearing from and speaking with you.