“As an osteopath it is important to treat the body in a holistic way and this is why I would highly recommend John SZABO for his “MOVEMEANT” approach to exercise, especially for his high level of knowledge and easy going, charismatic teaching approach. John’s speciality with the Indian clubs is unique in the way that he trains; with the various drills that help improve the body’s movement patterns in a natural way, whilst building overall body strength and improving the range of motion of joints. I feel that everybody should have the opportunity to experience John’s approach first hand.” Chris Vassiliou, BSc (Hons) Ost. ND. Dip. Cos. Sci. MIT

“What I appreciate is that John’s methods focus on what I needed to work on, and what I wanted to achieve. So many personal trainers only consider “building muscle” as the objective, but John really understood my goals – he did not pay lip service to them. John has taught me the advantage of doing almost exclusively compound exercises and functional movements. His attention to detail and relentless focus on the correct alignment and technique have proven invaluable. Moreover, I can feel and see the results. Investing the time in John will be one of the best investments you could make.” Grant

“John provides truly individualised sessions, which are challenging but achievable. He is able to adapt any session to accommodate any previous injury, or stiff and tight muscle groups. I always feel confident that he is mindful of my back problems, and selects exercises appropriate to support, strengthen and/or gently stretch that area. Instructions are always clear, including attention to detail, to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness from the exercise programme. Each session is different and varied, and includes a mix of familiar exercises on which you can improve and new ones so that the sessions remain fresh and interesting.” Alison

“John is a great coach for people of all levels. He stresses the importance of all the muscles working in synchronisation which is what makes his training sessions effective. He will work out your strengths and weaknesses from the 1st two training sessions. There may be exercises you are performing incorrectly that you may not realise. He will help you correct your form in carrying out compound exercises such as the deadlift and squats so that you prevent injury and ensure you are getting the best out of your workout. His tailored sessions are tough but fair and will push you to achieve better results and your body will adapt to the demands of the exercises. Despite only training with him once a week I could see an improvement in my strength and form. John is patient and has taught me that short cuts are only achieved at the barbers. If you apply the principles John teaches you at home or at the gym, you are sure to succeed in your fitness goals.” Nabeel

“Having played a variety of sports all of my life I thought I knew a lot about fitness and how to structure my workouts. Working with John has completely changed the way I approach my training. His knowledge is incredible and the variety of exercises he uses when designing my routines always keeps my mind and body guessing. There is always something different, which pushes me that little bit further. My flexibility, strength and endurance have all increased along with the ability to push myself mentally through challenging routines that I never thought possible. John is committed and passionate about what he does and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to achieve their training goals.” Chris

“John’s a brilliant coach; hugely attentive and supportive. His systems help you achieve success that you would not be able to on your own. Using “old-school” methods and applying them according to the latest scientific research opens up a whole new range of training regimes, and combined with John’s passion you will enjoy an amazing new experience as I have.” Janette

“I’ve never seen a kettlebell before John introduced it to me and now it has become indispensable for my workouts. It’s not the easiest of training to get the hang of but after a few sessions I was able to master the basics and have gradually added more complex moves. Every single exercise (rather a combination of few moves blended together creating a sequence) works every single muscle in the body, which makes it very effective, particularly when I’m short of time! My favourite exercise right now is the “ribbon” which dynamically works on my core muscles to strengthen them to improve my golf and tennis performance.” Anthony

“John’s training sessions and ideas are fantastic for the development and strengthening of the body to improve your golf game. I noticed an immediate increase in distance and also found it easier to achieve what I was working on with my swing. I highly recommend John for any golf player and enthusiast who would like to take their game to the next level.” Kevin Harrison – PGA Professional

“John’s methods focus on allowing the body to function at optimum level to achieve better performance in golf. The specifically designed exercises emulate many movements involved in golf, especially the swing. These technically demanding exercises help strengthen vital muscles, increase joints’ range of motion and improve flexibility. John is very fond of the Indian clubs and rightly so as using them is one of the best form of training you can do to enhance golf performance and John is the person with the knowledge to seek advice from and the expert to go to.” Matt Deal – PGA Advanced Professional

“John has the knowledge and ability to address the most specific needs at the stage of development for an individual, according to the requirements of the golf coach and how the individual must improve their body in order to improve their desired performance. John has designed training programmes taking into account the individuals current abilities, whilst making a plan to progressively help the individual develop from one stage to another, in order to achieve better results. I would recommend John to golfers of all abilities, whether their ambition is to beat their friends or compete at an elite level.” David Bunker – PGA Professional

“I would like to let you know how impressed I have been with the exercises you have taught me. They have not been strenuous, but have certainly worked their magic – nothing else has ever before helped improve my overall mobility and strength as your methods with the Indian clubs. Whenever I used to play golf my left shoulder would click for the first few shots. This was not painful but very disconcerting as it was quite a loud click. Since the first session with you, I have not heard my shoulder click at all. I am now no longer waiting for the click to happen. Thank you.” Peter Dickson, General Manager, Hendon Golf Club

“I am reasonably fit and an avid golfer however I struggled with flexibility issues especially in the upper back and shoulder areas. This was not helped by having a desk job and having dislocated both shoulders in the past. After training with John for two months things have significantly changed. The initial two lessons were hard as I had restricted movements due to the inflexibility and previous injuries however John tailored the exercises accordingly and gave me very light pair of Indian clubs to use in order to progressively increase mobility and strength in the affected areas. He made sure that I didn’t do too much too soon as it could have backfired. I could not believe the improvements in a matter of three weeks. My current range of movement would not have been possible before and I have now moved on to using heavier Indian clubs and have incorporated squats and strength training with flexibility. I highly recommend John training sessions. He is passionate about what he does and very thorough and knowledgeable to ensure that you do the exercises correctly.” Ketan Raja

“After a 15 year break from golf, I can definitely say that John’s methods and approach to training have helped with my return. Following the routines he has designed have improved my overall flexibility and given me a greater range of motion which was previously impeded in my shoulder by an old skiing injury. On top of my overall body strength, the strength in my wrists and hands has been increased and that helped to enhance my stamina. I would definitely recommend John for anyone wanting to improve their game.” Jason

“I have been playing golf for around 14 years, and have taken lessons to help improve my game, read many books, watched several videos, and spent countless hours on the driving range. Like many golfers I have been on a personal quest to find that all elusive swing and the straight and true golf shot. Hasten to say in recent years I have never really been happy with my overall game.

I came to you to get my general fitness back on track, improve my golf and to lose some much needed body fat. You asked specific questions about my working and home life patterns, lifestyle, eating, etc. and then made a tailored program to help me achieve my goals. After just 1 month the change was already becoming very apparent, I was getting stronger, sleeping better and was feeling generally fitter, after 2 months my lower back and neck pain had gone; so much so that my previously usual 4 weekly trip to see my Osteopath was no longer needed.

Four months in and the golf season was upon us again, and whilst I had been noticing some changes on the driving range, it was only when I got out on course, I realised that something had really changed – my posture was solid, I was able to hold my position better, my arms were straighter on the back swing. Best of all, the technique I had been practicing was actually now working; my shots are a good 20-30 yards longer, and my driving is now consistently in the 300 yards. Quite simply, training with you has improved my golf more than anything I’ve tried over the last 14 years and I’m a better golfer because of you.” Paul

“As a chiropractor with 20 years of experience I have treated World Champions and Olympic Athletes, and worked with one of the best Personal Trainers on the planet. So when I meet someone that can teach me something new about human performance and rehabilitation I am impressed.

The basic exercise/swinging routine with the Indian clubs John taught me really does free up the shoulder and leave them feeling warm and supple – great for pre and post workout. John’s systematic regime increased my upper body strength immediately thanks to better communication between the muscles and structures around the joints. I have now taught some simple moves to some of my clients with shoulder tension and they felt the benefits right away too.

I am sure I will be working with John and sending clients his way for many months and years to come.” Chris Pickard DC

“I would like to strongly recommend John for his movement skills and exercise knowledge, which are in my opinion exceptional. During the two months that I’ve gone to his practice I have learned more about how to take proper care of my operated knee than in the year prior going to other practitioners. And most importantly, for the first time since my surgery I am entirely pain-free.
I would recommend John to anyone who wants to get real results out of their rehabilitation with someone who clearly cares about his profession.” Danielle

“John’s sessions made a significant difference to my fitness, strength and shape. Sessions are always interesting, varied and well planned and John pushes you to achieve your limits all the time. John really focuses on technique and attention to detail and that hugely contributes to the output and avoiding injury.” Tom

“John was recommended to us by the physiotherapist working with my son while he was recovering from a knee injury. James has severe communication difficulties as well as health issues. John is extremely professional with an attitude and approach to working with someone with complex problems that I find to be rare. He has provided a varied and responsive programme for James that he has vastly benefited from. After failed attempts previously to improve James’ health I cannot recommend John highly enough and I know James looks forward to John being his trainer into the future as his sessions with John are now the highlights of his week.” Helen

“Many thanks for your help and expertise for getting me back to work after I was run over. I would not have got back to work so speedily without your help. I also want to thank you for working out specific exercises, using weighted Indian clubs, to increase the flexibility in my work related shoulder injury.” Michael

“I had always been a passive participant in treatment for my back and shoulders using massage and some osteopathic treatment when feeling pain in these areas. They helped but didn’t prevent the problems. Over the period of weeks John showed and thought me exercises and methods how to deal with the issues (make them disappear) and prevent them from reoccurring. It was not easy to get my head round the technicalities of the moves as they require plenty of attention to the details however the time invested was very worthwhile. The improvements speak volume for themselves – I am pain free in the areas I used to have discomforts on a regular basis. I haven’t felt the need to see a therapist to deal with it – I can do it on my own thanks to John’s dedication and contributions. I fully intend to keep up with the exercises and highly recommend everybody do the same as I realised it is down to me (or you) to make the change happen.” Mandy

“Dear John, I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me. From the outset you have taken time to understand the various injuries I have and tailored and exercise programme for me which takes them into consideration. Your calm, considered approach to exercising has completely changed my life for the better, and whilst I know there is a long way to go to reach my goals, for the first time in a long time, I feel confident that I will reach them. I really can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me and, rest assured, I have been and will be recommending you to all of my family and friends.” Alex Kakouris