Personal Training / Fitness Coaching

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

“Happiness happens on the way to fulfilment” – Gary Keller

However big, challenging or unrealistic the goal may be, it is always simpler than one thinks it is. Great things are accomplished by completing small tasks. Taking a step every day towards achieving the ultimate goal will make the journey more bearable and enjoyable to start with and getting to the end more satisfying and fulfilling.

The definition of fitness is “the ability to meet the demands of a physical task”. I personally would add the followings: safely and effectively (as health and wellbeing must never be compromised). There are many componenets in fitness however, people tend to mainly focus on either the cardiovascular element or “body building” (gaining muscle for the sake of it without real functionality). In order to attain so called “total fitness” all (or as many as possible) elements of fitness must be dealt with: strength, stamina (endurance), suppleness (flexibility), mobility and specific skills such as co-ordination, balance, and spatial awareness. My mission is to incorporate exercises addressing the mentioned components to create a functional and responsive body in any circumstances.


Apart from addressing the most desired and needed aspect of fitness of the individual, my aim is to promote health and wellbeing through exercises. Mainly because, unfortunately, nobody is perfect and, even more unfortunately, nobody is getting younger. After the age of around 35 our bodies start to deteriorate (I thought I cheer you up…) and our aim should be to prolong the process by as much as possible. Also, every single individual develops over a course of number of years imbalances in their bodies regardless what they have been doing. These imbalances lead to overuse of certain areas and little (or in bad cases no use at all) of others. These can be manifested in weakness, stiffness, lack of mobility, aches and pains, discomforts, circulatory problems, etc. Carefully chosen and correctly executed exercises are designed to address and deal with all the issues listed. This is what I advocate and select exercises appropriately to increase overall strength (without bulking up), improve mobility of the joints (increase range of motion), relieve tension and eliminate stiffness in muscles, improve flexibility, and last but not least enhance stamina, thus improving the quality of life, maintaining overall health and making everyday activities easier, living without pains and aches. Our health is the biggest blessing, we should appreciate it, and it is every one’s responsibility to look after it in order to be able to cherish it. I am happy to help – give you the tools, the support, the encouragement. You are only a phone call away from starting a new chapter in your life.

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“As an osteopath it is important to treat the body in a holistic way and this is why I would highly recommend John SZABO for his “MOVEMEANT” approach to exercise, especially for his high level of knowledge and easy going, charismatic teaching approach. John’s speciality with the Indian clubs is unique in the way that he trains; with the various drills that help improve the body’s movement patterns in a natural way, whilst building overall body strength and improving the range of motion of joints. I feel that everybody should have the opportunity to experience John’s approach first hand.” Chris Vassiliou, BSc (Hons) Ost. ND. Dip. Cos. Sci. MIT

“What I appreciate is that John’s methods focus on what I needed to work on, and what I wanted to achieve. So many personal trainers only consider “building muscle” as the objective, but John really understood my goals – he did not pay lip service to them. John has taught me the advantage of doing almost exclusively compound exercises and functional movements. His attention to detail and relentless focus on the correct alignment and technique have proven invaluable. Moreover, I can feel and see the results. Investing the time in John will be one of the best investments you could make.” Grant

“John provides truly individualised sessions, which are challenging but achievable. He is able to adapt any session to accommodate any previous injury, or stiff and tight muscle groups. I always feel confident that he is mindful of my back problems, and selects exercises appropriate to support, strengthen and/or gently stretch that area. Instructions are always clear, including attention to detail, to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness from the exercise programme. Each session is different and varied, and includes a mix of familiar exercises on which you can improve and new ones so that the sessions remain fresh and interesting.” Alison

“John is a great coach for people of all levels. He stresses the importance of all the muscles working in synchronisation which is what makes his training sessions effective. He will work out your strengths and weaknesses from the 1st two training sessions. There may be exercises you are performing incorrectly that you may not realise. He will help you correct your form in carrying out compound exercises such as the deadlift and squats so that you prevent injury and ensure you are getting the best out of your workout. His tailored sessions are tough but fair and will push you to achieve better results and your body will adapt to the demands of the exercises. Despite only training with him once a week I could see an improvement in my strength and form. John is patient and has taught me that short cuts are only achieved at the barbers. If you apply the principles John teaches you at home or at the gym, you are sure to succeed in your fitness goals.” Nabeel

“Having played a variety of sports all of my life I thought I knew a lot about fitness and how to structure my workouts. Working with John has completely changed the way I approach my training. His knowledge is incredible and the variety of exercises he uses when designing my routines always keeps my mind and body guessing. There is always something different, which pushes me that little bit further. My flexibility, strength and endurance have all increased along with the ability to push myself mentally through challenging routines that I never thought possible. John is committed and passionate about what he does and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to achieve their training goals.” Chris

“John’s a brilliant coach; hugely attentive and supportive. His systems help you achieve success that you would not be able to on your own. Using “old-school” methods and applying them according to the latest scientific research opens up a whole new range of training regimes, and combined with John’s passion you will enjoy an amazing new experience as I have.” Janette

“I’ve never seen a kettlebell before John introduced it to me and now it has become indispensable for my workouts. It’s not the easiest of training to get the hang of but after a few sessions I was able to master the basics and have gradually added more complex moves. Every single exercise (rather a combination of few moves blended together creating a sequence) works every single muscle in the body, which makes it very effective, particularly when I’m short of time! My favourite exercise right now is the “ribbon” which dynamically works on my core muscles to strengthen them to improve my golf and tennis performance.” Anthony