Improving the Quality of Life / Injury Prevention

Having suffered a serious back injury in 2005 and recovered from it thanks to a systematic and disciplined exercise regime, I know for fact that well selected and executed exercises serve a huge purpose in life.

Everybody deserves to live pain free and enjoy the quality of life. It is our birth right! I believe in the power of mindful exercises/training. This is what I promote and advocate. Regardless of what the problem is, nobody should be put up with anything that prevents them from enjoying life to the full extent and do things they love doing. Living without restrictions and limitations is the greatest gift and blessing one can possess. Do not accept anything less, call today to take the first step towards improving YOUR quality of life.

Injuries, unfortunately, are part of life. Injury occurs when the stress exceeds the level of conditioning. Sports injuries result from acute trauma or repetitive stress associated with athletic activities. Higher the level of conditioning of a certain part of the body (i.e.: larger the range of motion a joint can articulate through, bigger force it can absorb due to the surrounding muscles and ligaments being strong), less likely it will suffer an injury.

There are three main reasons why injuries occur without an obvious cause (i. e. falling). They “tell us” if we have been doing something incorrectly (with poor form and technique), doing too much of something or NOT doing something we are supposed to. Therefore it’s time for a change. Solution is rather simple: do “it” correctly, stop overdoing “it” and start doing something else that is necessary in order to avoid further problems.

Injuries related pain is – to a certain extent – a “friend”. Although it prevents us from doing certain things, from the same token it “forces us” to rest therefore preventing further damage done to the area. However, rest is not the only solution as a matter of fact rest is definitely NOT the solution. Injuries need to be managed and the healing process can be accelerated with the correct approach and exercise regime. The biggest challenge one faces when injured is that the body develops compensatory movement patters that will overload certain body parts which could result in weakening structures thus risking further injury. It may cause a viscous circle that is extremely frustrating and very difficult to get out of.

It is fairly obvious that avoiding injuries should be the solution. Although injuries cannot be completely eliminated (I mean unfortunate situations, being at the wrong place at the wrong time as opposed to doing something silly or crazy) from our lives (wish it were the case), with the right training methods and using the right tools injuries can be brought down to bare minimum. One aspect of the training I do is to prepare the body for the demands of life (can be tough…) so it is ready to endure it without damage and having to compromise. Everyone deserves to live pain free.

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“As a chiropractor with 20 years of experience I have treated World Champions and Olympic Athletes, and worked with one of the best Personal Trainers on the planet. So when I meet someone that can teach me something new about human performance and rehabilitation I am impressed.

The basic exercise/swinging routine with the Indian clubs John taught me really does free up the shoulder and leave them feeling warm and supple – great for pre and post workout. John’s systematic regime increased my upper body strength immediately thanks to better communication between the muscles and structures around the joints. I have now taught some simple moves to some of my clients with shoulder tension and they felt the benefits right away too.
I am sure I will be working with John and sending clients his way for many months and years to come.” Chris Pickard DC

“I would like to strongly recommend John for his movement skills and exercise knowledge, which are in my opinion exceptional. During the two months that I’ve gone to his practice I have learned more about how to take proper care of my operated knee than in the year prior going to other practitioners. And most importantly, for the first time since my surgery I am entirely pain-free.
I would recommend John to anyone who wants to get real results out of their rehabilitation with someone who clearly cares about his profession.” Danielle

“John’s sessions made a significant difference to my fitness, strength and shape. Sessions are always interesting, varied and well planned and John pushes you to achieve your limits all the time. John really focuses on technique and attention to detail and that hugely contributes to the output and avoiding injury.” Tom

“John was recommended to us by the physiotherapist working with my son while he was recovering from a knee injury. James has severe communication difficulties as well as health issues. John is extremely professional with an attitude and approach to working with someone with complex problems that I find to be rare. He has provided a varied and responsive programme for James that he has vastly benefited from. After failed attempts previously to improve James’ health I cannot recommend John highly enough and I know James looks forward to John being his trainer into the future as his sessions with John are now the highlights of his week.” Helen

“Many thanks for your help and expertise for getting me back to work after I was run over. I would not have got back to work so speedily without your help. I also want to thank you for working out specific exercises, using weighted Indian clubs, to increase the flexibility in my work related shoulder injury.” Michael

“I had always been a passive participant in treatment for my back and shoulders using massage and some osteopathic treatment when feeling pain in these areas. They helped but didn’t prevent the problems. Over the period of weeks John showed and thought me exercises and methods how to deal with the issues (make them disappear) and prevent them from reoccurring. It was not easy to get my head round the technicalities of the moves as they require plenty of attention to the details however the time invested was very worthwhile. The improvements speak volume for themselves – I am pain free in the areas I used to have discomforts on a regular basis. I haven’t felt the need to see a therapist to deal with it – I can do it on my own thanks to John’s dedication and contributions. I fully intend to keep up with the exercises and highly recommend everybody do the same as I realised it is down to me (or you) to make the change happen.” Mandy

“Dear John, I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me. From the outset you have taken time to understand the various injuries I have and tailored and exercise programme for me which takes them into consideration. Your calm, considered approach to exercising has completely changed my life for the better, and whilst I know there is a long way to go to reach my goals, for the first time in a long time, I feel confident that I will reach them. I really can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me and, rest assured, I have been and will be recommending you to all of my family and friends.” Alex Kakouris