Golf Specific Training

Golf is an extremely complex, challenging sport that requires predominantly fine motor skills (precise muscular function). Golf is about fractions – making gains in performance is all about implementing small changes to produce big difference in your beloved game.

Playing golf is definitely a great thing to do for many reasons (keeping active, feeling good, meeting people just to mention few), however the key to success may lie in the complementary training that enables you to play more often and enhances performance. One of the misconceptions is that one (can) get better and get in shape by just playing or participating in their chosen sport. As long as your goal is to keep a steady level of performance and maintain the ability in executing few skills, then engaging only in your sport will do that. However, if you would like the utmost efficiency, consistent improvement and balanced, all round abilities, would like to progress to the next level, you ought to do conditioning programmes. These sports conditioning and fitness training regimes are designed to put the body under certain load to increase physical capabilities. Nothing is more frustrating than being prevented from playing or hindered by niggling pains/aches/discomforts and not being able to perform at optimum level. The good news is that the former can be eliminated and the latter can be improved.

The golf swing is one of the most sophisticated movements in sport in general that makes the game even more complex. The biomechanics (firing pattern of muscles) involved are rather complicated and the movement is rather difficult to execute with precision time after time. The force generated throughout the action puts an extremely big demand on the body, the joints have to withstand an enormous torque and the soft tissues (ligaments, muscles) surrounding them a massive stress.

Not only the body must be able to create the movement by accelerating (muscles must be strong enough to generate enough power to initiate the movement at a desired level that takes the swing through) it also must be able to decelerate, absorb the force and stop – before it is too late. Extra rotation, extension could have unwanted consequences. The joints must be adequately mobile to accommodate the range of motion required and reached in ideal circumstances. The muscles must have enough flexibility (suppleness) to be able to stretch to the desired length. Lack of flexibility will also limit the ability of the joints reaching their maximum range of motion, therefore compromising performance.

The golf swing creates repetitive stress on many structures. These structures must be conditioned well enough to withstand the enormous demand time after time. This repetitive stress also creates weaknesses in certain areas on one side and as a result, imbalances between the two sides (as one usually swings from the same side, only few people can do from both sides). This issue must be addressed by bringing the discrepancies down to bare minimum (unfortunately complete equilibrium may not be possible), thus lessening the likelihood of developing compensatory patterns that would alter alignment and efficiency of movement.

And then, last but not least there is the mind. Being in the right frame of mind while playing golf is made harder if things start going pear shaped and it is clear from the above there is a myriad of things potentially going wrong without even talking about the ball landing in water or a bunker, etc…

I firmly believe that thorough and detailed preparation is the key to success and huge advantage you can have over your competitors. To start with, I assess every individual with a GOLF SCREENING that involves performing various tests and exercises. Based on the performance during the screening weaknesses, imbalances, tightness, lack of stability, lack of mobility can be identified that could hinder and inhibit your ability to play golf to your full potential. Having identified these elements, they can be systematically worked on with specifically designed exercises. Once improvements have been attained, the body parts/areas can be integrated into more complex movement patterns to create a fully functional body to play golf effectively as this is my ultimate objective: helping you achieve optimum performance by addressing the most important aspects associated with playing golf without aches and pains thus allowing the game to be enjoyed more often, improve consistency and enhance your golf performance significantly (i.e. driving the ball further). My philosophy to golf can be summed up in the four word acronym: FINEST PUTTS IMPRESS BEST, where each letter of each word stands for a different aspect of fitness I focus on and the approach I take and the combination of all guarantees better results. This formula has already helped many golf enthusiasts to reap rewards. Everything I do with clients is practical and can be implemented with great efficiency more or less immediately (depending on the individual’s abilities).

The good news is that attaining all above is not as hard as it may sound especially with expert advice and support. I am happy to reveal much more and give you the opportunity to try these components of golf specific fitness training and experience my philosophy in practice that can enable you to play your beloved game at the level you did not think was possible.

Call 07758 868 636 to book your complimentary consultation and assessment. Look forward to hearing from and speaking with you.

“John’s training sessions and ideas are fantastic for the development and strengthening of the body to improve your golf game. I noticed an immediate increase in distance and also found it easier to achieve what I was working on with my swing. I highly recommend John for any golf player and enthusiast who would like to take their game to the next level.” Kevin Harrison – PGA Professional

“John’s methods focus on allowing the body to function at optimum level to achieve better performance in golf. The specifically designed exercises emulate many movements involved in golf, especially the swing. These technically demanding exercises help strengthen vital muscles, increase joints’ range of motion and improve flexibility. John is very fond of the Indian clubs and rightly so as using them is one of the best form of training you can do to enhance golf performance and John is the person with the knowledge to seek advice from and the expert to go to.” Matt Deal – PGA Advanced Professional

“John has the knowledge and ability to address the most specific needs at the stage of development for an individual, according to the requirements of the golf coach and how the individual must improve their body in order to improve their desired performance. John has designed training programmes taking into account the individuals current abilities, whilst making a plan to progressively help the individual develop from one stage to another, in order to achieve better results. I would recommend John to golfers of all abilities, whether their ambition is to beat their friends or compete at an elite level.” David Bunker – PGA Professional

“I would like to let you know how impressed I have been with the exercises you have taught me. They have not been strenuous, but have certainly worked their magic – nothing else has ever before helped improve my overall mobility and strength as your methods with the Indian clubs. Whenever I used to play golf my left shoulder would click for the first few shots. This was not painful but very disconcerting as it was quite a loud click. Since the first session with you, I have not heard my shoulder click at all. I am now no longer waiting for the click to happen. Thank you.” Peter Dickson, General Manager, Hendon Golf Club

“I am reasonably fit and an avid golfer however I struggled with flexibility issues especially in the upper back and shoulder areas. This was not helped by having a desk job and having dislocated both shoulders in the past. After training with John for two months things have significantly changed. The initial two lessons were hard as I had restricted movements due to the inflexibility and previous injuries however John tailored the exercises accordingly and gave me very light pair of Indian clubs to use in order to progressively increase mobility and strength in the affected areas. He made sure that I didn’t do too much too soon as it could have backfired. I could not believe the improvements in a matter of three weeks. My current range of movement would not have been possible before and I have now moved on to using heavier Indian clubs and have incorporated squats and strength training with flexibility. I highly recommend John training sessions. He is passionate about what he does and very thorough and knowledgeable to ensure that you do the exercises correctly.” Ketan Raja

“After a 15 year break from golf, I can definitely say that John’s methods and approach to training have helped with my return. Following the routines he has designed have improved my overall flexibility and given me a greater range of motion which was previously impeded in my shoulder by an old skiing injury. On top of my overall body strength, the strength in my wrists and hands has been increased and that helped to enhance my stamina. I would definitely recommend John for anyone wanting to improve their game.” Jason

“I have been playing golf for around 14 years, and have taken lessons to help improve my game, read many books, watched several videos, and spent countless hours on the driving range. Like many golfers I have been on a personal quest to find that all elusive swing and the straight and true golf shot. Hasten to say in recent years I have never really been happy with my overall game.

I came to you to get my general fitness back on track, improve my golf and to lose some much needed body fat. You asked specific questions about my working and home life patterns, lifestyle, eating, etc. and then made a tailored program to help me achieve my goals. After just 1 month the change was already becoming very apparent, I was getting stronger, sleeping better and was feeling generally fitter, after 2 months my lower back and neck pain had gone; so much so that my previously usual 4 weekly trip to see my Osteopath was no longer needed.

Four months in and the golf season was upon us again, and whilst I had been noticing some changes on the driving range, it was only when I got out on course, I realised that something had really changed – my posture was solid, I was able to hold my position better, my arms were straighter on the back swing. Best of all, the technique I had been practicing was actually now working; my shots are a good 20-30 yards longer, and my driving is now consistently in the 300 yards. Quite simply, training with you has improved my golf more than anything I’ve tried over the last 14 years and I’m a better golfer because of you.” Paul