Foremost I am a teacher. My primary aim is to educate my clients how the body is meant to move safely and effectively. As a result people not only benefit from the sessions while they are exercising with me, but also everything they learn is practical and can be implemented in their everyday activities to improve all aspects of life. I also thrive on making progress each session, giving my clients the sense of achieving new levels and heights of success. I believe in the power of mindful and purposeful training – they have meaningful effects and produce exceptional results in achieving fitness goals, increasing sports performance and improving the quality of life. I know it as I have experienced it – been there and done it. One of the main reasons I chose this profession was to “build myself up from scratch” and to help others avoid being in the situation I found myself in.  John Szabo - Movemeant

After suffering a rather serious back injury in 2005 and while recovering and going for treatment after treatment I decided to start studying Anatomy and Physiology to understand the body and how it works. Once qualified, I felt I needed to take the next step and became a massage therapist. The hunger of knowing more kept me going even further and went on to studying Sports Massage and Injuries. I had the passion of helping people feel better, alleviate pains and aches through manipulating the soft tissues, however I felt that I needed my clients to be involved actively in the process and the closest to doing it without having to use hands on therapy was fitness coaching/personal training. I made up my mind and took action and qualified in the subject by the summer of 2008. I realised how much I enjoyed the technicalities and details in human movement, how much influence the mind has on it, and to date this is what drives me on to explore and apply with my clients. I specialise in systematically attaining optimum body-mind performance. I take pride in what I do and I do it with passion and dedication as I know the importance of living without aches and pains. I was at the receiving end in 2005 and I wish I had known better. The injury may not have happened (or to a lesser extent), nevertheless everything happens for a reason and who knows where I would be now and what I would be doing. Probably not as satisfying and fulfilling thing as I do now.

Just a final thought: I do things my way. I do not blindly follow and believe in one particular “doctrine”, do not belong to the group of people who can be and have been brainwashed by a so called expert’s “formula” or company. I have my own approach (the combination of certain methods and systems) that is flexible, adaptable and depending on the individual’s abilities, requirements and needs. Certain type of methods/systems learnt on a course or from a book may suit one, but not another person. One must pick and choose the most appropriate bits and the ones he/she likes the most from as many sources as possible to become as versatile as possible. It is as simple as that. To a certain extent it makes me eclectic, but I rather am eclectic than blind not to see sideways.